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Federal Emergency Contracting: The Five W’s


Does your business have what it takes to step up when disaster strikes?

Get this on-demand training to learn the “Five W’s” to be an emergency response supplier.

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Does your business have what it takes to step up when disaster strikes?

Get the answers you need TODAY in this on-demand training to learn the “Five W’s” to be an emergency response supplier.

The Challenge

It’s tough enough to provide flawless service or delivery to the federal government on time, at a reasonable price, and following the specific protocols of the ordering agencies. But on top of that, only a few dozen contractors are in the right place at the right time with the Right Stuff to win the work. How could you be one of them?

The Solution!

This 2.5-hour training will discuss the challenges that federal agency employees and their contractor counterparts face as they prepare for, respond to, recovering from national emergencies.

We’ll explore the process, the requirements and key ideas of how you can approach this marketplace and help our government and communities when you’re needed the most. You’ll get insight, research, articles, links, and intelligence to help you tap into disaster response networks right away, as well as to build deep networks for the long term. And you’ll get answers to your questions.

Who Should Attend

CEO, COO, CFO, sales teams, business development professionals, contract & proposal specialists

We’ve Got You Covered

We’ll talk about disaster response by suppliers in industries including general construction, trades, furnishings, IT services, building materials, waste disposal, facility management, janitorial services, operations & maintenance, logistics, security, food service, medical supplies, transportation, engineering, landscaping, tools, consumables, site prep, generators, asphalt, fencing, surveying, environmental cleanup.

AND: Let’s get real. If you don’t already have relationships with people on the front lines, the people who are positioned for today’s emergency, you may need to step back, and slow down, and get out of the way. Your biggest takeway may be the path to your on-ramp to be there for the next one. Because the one thing we can know for sure is that there will be a next one.

Here’s What You Get!

  • 2.5 hour on-demand training with two nationally-renowned instructors
  • Recording of live Q&A
  • PowerPoint presentation file
  • Audio recording for playback
  • Softcopy resource guide
  • Competitive intelligence analysis and Excel data file on recent FEMA Contractors
  • OPTION: Not everybody likes audio recordings. Some people love to read a good, meaty story.  You can contact us if you want to order a softcopy post-event session transcript. Within a week of your purchase, you’ll have the replay in text form.


  1. The Emergency
  2. Government Agencies Involved In:
    a. Preparation
    b. Response
    c. Recovery
  3. The Players
  4. The Rules
  5. The Needs
  6. The Contract Vehicles
  7. The Primes and the Subs
  8. The Ordering Process
  9. The Delivery
  10. The Payment
  11. Preparation For Next Season
  12. The Long Game

Your Instructors

Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight — and Eileen Kent, the Federal Sales Sherpa.

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