Can you simply not afford to lose your next bid?

Come and unlock 10 proven secrets that seasoned proposal professionals use to drive millions of dollars in Federal contracts and start to boost your win rate and profits today!

Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal
with Eileen Kent, The Federal Sales Sherpa

A Self-Paced Deep Dive with Customizable Templates.

In just two 2-hour units, you’ll learn how to identify more opportunities you can truly win, know when it’s time to pass, interpret the solicitation to guide your proposal, be confident you can meet the contract terms and conditions, align and energize your proposal team throughout the process and pitfalls you can avoid from day one.

Eileen Kent, “The Federal Sales Sherpa” Eileen has been a trainer, subject matter expert and federal sales professional since 1986 for Government and Corporations alike. Between 1996 and 2002 she sold and led sales teams to win millions in federal business for Brook Furniture Rental in Chicago, IL with agencies and primes including Homeland Security, FEMA, DoD, the Pentagon, White House, US Senate, EPA, FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Defense Logistics Agency, Veterans Administration, Boeing, Lockheed, Bechtel, and Jacobs Engineering. She has guided her clients – including manufacturers, IT companies, professional services firms and more — to millions of dollars of federal contract success. For over twenty years, she has shared her skills and insights into federal sales success as a speaker and trainer with thousands of business owners in federal sales classes, seminars, and workshops across America. 

Four hours of recorded sessions (two 2-hour lessons)

Video Lesson 1: Blocks 1-5

  • BUILDING BLOCK 1 – RELATIONSHIPS: Who is evaluating your proposal?
  • BUILDING BLOCK 2 – RULES & ACRONYMS: What are they, and how do I stay out of trouble?
  • BUILDING BLOCK 3 – THE “SECRET” EMBEDDED BLOCK FOR WINNERS ONLY: The revelation that pays for this class ten times over!
  • BUILDING BLOCK 4 – BID/NO BID DECISION: Save time and money! Learn how primes filter out the losers.
  • BUILDING BLOCK 5 – THE ORGANIZED RESPONSE: How to avoid proposal pitfalls.

Video Lesson 2: Blocks 6-10

  • BUILDING BLOCK 6 – THE APPROPRIATE WRITING STYLE: What does the government buyer prefer?
  • BUILDING BLOCK 8 – THE COMPLETED “BID” SUBMISSION: Putting it all together, no mistakes allowed!
  • BUILDING BLOCK 9 – THE “ORAL PRESENTATION”: How to be the obvious vendor of choice.
  • BUILDING BLOCK 10 – THE “BEST AND FINAL OFFER”: Closing the deal in the eleventh hour.

Course Materials

A customizeable 90-page softcopy manual, filled with editable  templates you can use right away!

Proposal Templates and Examples including:

Proposal and reports
  • Proposal Outline and Working Examples
  • Proposal Management Schedule Template
  • Executive Summary Outline
  • Past Performance Template
  • Contract Management Plan Template

Online Resource Library including:

online digital resources
  • Tools to Automate Your Team’s Proposal Process
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Team Resume Information Prompter
  • Mitigating Proposal Risks
  • Words/Phrases to Avoid
  • Win Strategy and Theme Statement
  • Proposal Development Planner
  • BONUS: Editable Proposal Deconstruct Tool

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