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What Our Clients Have to Say

Meet Your Instructor - Eileen Kent

Eileen Kent is the “Federal Sales Sherpa” and has trained over 10,000 federal contractors and business development professionals in federal sales, proposal writing, and GSA Schedule Contracting.

Workshop Topics

This class has been held for both incumbent subs and their primes who wanted to grow organic “under-the-radar” opportunities with their current Federal clients

Based on the initial discovery call, we will tailor the program for your specific business. The following is the core curriculum for the workshop

  • The Federal Contract Investment: What it took for your company to win your position onsite.
  • Fighting Competition: Identifying the competitors who are calling on your clients, and how to play defense.
  • Players and Ambassadors: The everyday power of your role to retain and build opportunities.
  • Becoming Client Advocates: Seamless ways to nurture essential long-term relationships.

Workshop Format

Delivered live online to your team either with everyone dialed in from multiple locations, or by our trainer remotely to everyone gathered in a single location of your choosing. Includes presenter preparation, all materials, and workshop recording for use with your team.

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Past Performance

Workshop attendees have experienced the following results:

NextRev Technologies: “Right in the room, we identified 5-6 different new opportunities in a matter of minutes.” Things we hadn’t talked to each other about, that we would never have known to pursue!

RMA Federal: in less than 30 minutes, this group of 15 people identified over $12 million in “under-the-radar” projects — pain, opportunities, and totally winnable work — not in any federal agency forecast that they could pursue immedately.

Workshop Investment

Your half-day private session delivered live online includes: Custom client collaboration before the event; program delivery; presentation materials in soft-copy after the event, and the video recording of the session for evergreen replay and bringing new team members up to speed.

Total Investment = $7,500

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