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Introducing PALM - The Players and Layers Methodology®:
How to Meet Federal Decision Makers

The proven, methodical, way to to get in front of the right Federal buyers to win the work you deserve. 

What We Do

The PALM – Players and Layers Methodology® is the foundation for our services to our govcon clients. It’s the organizing principle for our Federal Business Intensive program and the other events and presentations we offer, and the key to our clients’ success in winning over $200 million in Federal contracts.

  • Our consulting services provide you with guidance and strategy to focus on your best prospects.
  • Our education and training services give you and your team with custom tools and give you the practice it takes to build the skills it takes to use the tools to achieve your goals.

What We Cover When We Work Together

Across all of our training and programs, we cover topics including these:

  • Why Most Govcons Don’t Make The Calls That Lead To Wins
  • How To Change That!
  • What’s A Lead?
  • The PALM – Players and Layers Methodology®
  • Power Techniques For Connection
  • Action Steps
  • Resources


What is The Players and Layers Methodology?

The PALM – Players and Layers Methodology® is a systematic, proven, process to find and build relationships with anyone you need to meet in the Federal contracting arena to grow your government business.

In over thirty years in the Federal arena, we’ve learned that there are five things that all successful contractors do. We help you master these sooner rather than later, so that you can build relationships with the government customers you are truly meant to serve.

the work you want to win starts by asking “Who’s my buyer, and how can I serve them?” rather than, “What can I bid?”

Resources: Learn More

How does PALM – Players and Layers Methodology® work? Who are the Players at all the Layers? How do you discover, meet, and get to know them? What do you do? What can you say? What should you ask?

Take The Next Step!

Ready for action? So are we!

  • Explore how we put PALM – The Players And Layers Methodology® into action in our Federal Business Intensive Program.
  • Request a complimentary Federal Business Breakthrough call. We offer a limited number of these private, 30-minute sessions each month to qualified companies. We promise you’ll come away with at least three things you can do right away to build your Federal business over the next 12 months!

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