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Huge Wins for Summit Insight Clients

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The Federal Business Intensive is my flagship program with a ten times ROI (return on investment) for clients that complete the work.

For example, Jackie Ferrari, CEO of American Fashion Network, won a $46.8M prime contract with the United States Marine Corps in less than four months. A great first win for a company new to Federal contracting.

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Our Core Beliefs:

I believe that, behind all the rules and regulations, federal contracting is a relationship game where buyers literally trust vendors with their lives. I believe you can become that person for more of the federal buyers you are meant to serve.

I believe that federal contractors succeed when business owners invest in the research,  build the skills, and engage with focused determination to create relationships with the federal buyers who need what we do.

I also believe that the federal contracting arena is a place where all of us, in government and industry, work together to accomplish federal agency missions and deliver government services that create more liberty and justice for all in our daily lives. 

We’re not a database. We’re not a subscription. We’re not a template library. We’re against the gut-wrenching sleepless nights and family stress that is the everyday reality of small business owners struggling to win federal contracts. We’re against countless rounds of networking and matchmaking that never lead to a win. We’re against endlessly skimming databases for what to bid next. We’re against pumping out losing proposals that break the bank (and your spirit).


First, Let’s Talk About YOU!​

At the heart of every successful federal contractor is a great team, driven by purpose, serving extraordinary clients. That’s why our mission is to empower you to embrace your unique gifts to accomplish your goals — both for you… and the clients and country you serve.

The hypercompetitive federal contracting arena often attracts  visionary business owners. It’s also common to struggle to win a contract to bring what you offer to federal buyers and primes you know you can help… until one day, you know something has to change.

We’re here to give you the tools & strategies you need to focus your power, potential & purpose and take action so that you can reach the federal buyers you were meant to serve… build a business and a life you love… and change the world in the process.


The fact is that federal buyers can choose from 407,535 suppliers right now. But there’s only one YOU.

At Summit Insight, we help people find and really get to know federal buyers who need you — long before they write requirements to award the work to someone else. Because, despite all the marketing automation in the world, that’s still the only way to break through to a risk-averse buyer in a high-stakes game. That’s how you get the chance to change the world — yours and theirs.

Right here right now, you have the opportunity to reach federal buyers who are struggling to achieve their goals. People who’ve been searching for someone like you — for you — to help them solve a problem that they can’t solve on their own or with the suppliers and contractors they’re working with today.

Federal business is a relationship game. Still. When you start having earlier conversations with the right individual federal humans who need you, you change the game forever.

You don’t have to rely on expensive databases, marketing automation, or ceaseless social media, to reach them.

You can be in control of your destiny again.


Big wins contract

We give federal contractors the power of connection.

We do with tools and tactics proven to drive hundreds of millions of dollars of federal wins for experienced firms including 8(a), veteran-owned, and women-owned companies.

We also build focused sales plans for government contractors who are dedicated to reaching buyers they are meant to serve, and give them the training and practical experience to deepen relationships with their actual buyers and prospects.

In a market that often feels wired for insiders, we know what it takes to get inside the heads (and the offices) of the people who don’t yet realize why they need you.


Real People with Real Results means real business

Our Mission

Is for you to build a life you love, in a business you love,
serving a country you love.

What We Do

We help people find, and learn the most powerful ways
to connect with, the buyers you are truly meant to serve,
and give you sustainable skills and proven systems and
coaching you need to win their trust as well as their business.

We help established federal contractors get off the proposal treadmill, find their true customers, and build a sustainable win strategy that will long outlive the next “best-in-class” vehicle or acquisition “best practice.”

Our goal is to help dedicated entrepreneurs take their business off the sidelines and into the part of the federal arena where they can make a real difference.

After 32 years of working in federal contracting world, trying to make a difference one webinar, one presentation, at a time, I now realize that the world doesn’t change from the stage or the screen. It changes from the bottom up. It changes when each of us gathers the courage to do what we’re here to do… and learns the tools and strategies to reach the federal buyers we’re meant to serve.


We believe that the partnership between industry and government is one of the greatest forces for positive change in the country. Now go out there and…

Build A Life You Love.
In A Business You Love.
For A Country You Love.

Raving Reviews With Results that Mean Business

What We Do:

Make It REAL For You

REAL success happens when you move upstream in the pipeline, and stop asking What can I bid?” and start looking for “Who’s my buyer?”
The R.E.A.L. Framework provides different paths to that outcome, which in turns leads to Winning at Federal Sales!

REAL success happens when you move upstream in the pipeline, and stop asking
What can I bid?” and start looking for “Who’s my buyer?”
The R.E.A.L. Framework provides different paths to that outcome, which in turns leads to
Winning at Federal Sales!

R = Relationships

  • Who would you rather buy from — someone you don’t know, or someone you have a relationship with? Exactly.
  •  Real federal humans are responsible for creating the opportunities you want; relationships with those humans lead to access to their projects.
  • With our relationship-first approach, discover how to show up in ways that allow you to leave the databases and subscription services and the smile-and-dial sessions behind.

Relationships are the core of everything we do. Explore our Live & On-Demand Webinars for an introduction to this proven approach.

E = Experience

  •  To boost your win rates and profits, turn dropped-from-the-sky “opportunities” into experiences that target the right federal human at the right time
  • Automated proposal processes ease the path for your team and set you up to deliver the right proposals to the right people at the right time.
  • Drilling down further, learn to polish those proposals to a high shine and know what to avoid so your company isn’t labeled a “loser.”

In federal sales, experience beats transaction every time. Check out our Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal program to craft an experience that paves the way for federal buyers to more easily do business with you.


A = Acceleration

  • You’re doing all the things—building relationships, polishing proposals. Yet the door to the big projects you want remains closed. Our TOPGUN coaching and mentorship helps you quickly eliminate roadblocks, accelerate wins, and increase your revenue.
  • Each of our TOPGUN coaches has over 30 years’ experience in federal acquisition, including as federal contracting officers themselves!

You don’t know what you don’t know–until you know it. In your first one-on-one TOPGUN coaching session with Judy, get action steps you can take right away to your challenges turn into advantages and pave the way for an accelerated pipeline of the federal projects you’re after.


L = Laser Focus

  • Results can’t always wait. And DIY efforts aren’t always best for your business. Your best bet for the wins you’re after is to laser focus on the right efforts at the right time and for the right federal agencies and humans. 
  •  How to get at that sharp focus? Get it through the Federal Business Intensive, a 60-day, private consulting program for govcons who want to grow.
  • More than a course or training, the Intensive is a hands-on, interactive experience for you and your whole team.  

Want to go from subcontract to prime? From a scattershot approach to one that swells your new leads, opportunities, and sales? Check out the Federal Business Intensive.

Meet Judy.​

Meet Judy

Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight, brings over thirty years of expertise in Federal business development and strategy to people who want to grow their federal business. She’s an award-winning author, speaker and consultant.

Judy and her team are the right choice for a company that already knows how important relationships are to Federal contracting…and is ready do what it takes to get in front of buyers and opportunities before their competition does.

Summit Insight is the only company that offers Certified Experience Products for Federal contractors. This “Earn-while-you-learn” approach to Federal business development training delivers proven, results-driven programs for people who want to grow their Federal business, and win millions of dollars in sales in a matter of months.


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