Companies that succeed in the federal market do three things:

  • Nail the competitive analysis: get the hard data that shows you how and which federal buyers spend money on what you do, and how much; and the competitors they like best, whom you’ll displace or partner.
  • Build relationships before requirements: make it easy to get in front of buyers before the competition, by knowing the needs, language and tactics to reach the players at every layer, and persist politely and relentlessly.
  • Create a structured federal sales plan: use a systematic approach based on your competitive analysis to stay focused on where the business is, and avoid expensive distractions and loser bids.

Our clients get the customized research, tools and systems to do just that.

The ones who do the work get the results.
What does it take to develop those relationships so that they have YOU in mind when they’re ready to buy? When you master these secrets — and we’re with you every step of the way while you do — you can drastically cut months, even years, of wasted effort on the road to achieving the federal success you’ve always wanted. In a matter of days, you’ll make the most of your preferences and vehicles, focus on your best prospects, and get proven systems and techniques to get you in front of the buyers and partners you want to win.
Our team serves people who are committed to grow your federal business. I work with large and small business, and across every federal small business program.

We help you:

  • Get in front of federal buyers
  • Expand your federal business: sub to prime, new agencies, more wins
  • Increase your win rate
  • Connect with the right teaming partners, large and small
  • Pinpoint your best prospects
  • Save your GSA Schedule
  • Transition successfully from 8(a)
  • Revive a stalled federal marketing program
  • GIve your sales team tools and techniques to start driving sales now.