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Federal Marketing Strategy Workshop
A Comprehensive Federal Government Market and Competitor Analysis

Program Overview


The Summit Insight Marketing Strategy Workshop takes a comprehensive look at how your company can win in the Federal marketplace.

We provide solutions to the 5 most common challenges, including:

  1. What is the potential for my company to grow our Federal business?
  2. How can I generate and win Federal opportunities?
  3. Which agencies should I focus on to win business most easily?
  4. What contract vehicles do I need, as prime and/or sub?
  5. What is my partner strategy, and which partners should I approach?

Program Deliverables

Clients receive a unique custom private live briefing from two top national analysts and a comprehensive set of recommendations based on a marketing and competitive analysis. Outputs are in an editable electronic format and include:

Recommendations for Federal market growth

  • Highest potential departments and agencies
  • Top-performing contract vehicles
  • Partner strategy

Recommendations to strengthen your

  • SAM profile
  • Capability statement
  • Differentiated value proposition
  • Website and online collateral strategy

Research results

  • Past performance management tools & techniques
  • Competitive intelligence related to GSA Schedules
  • Contract management tools related to current and/or future GSA Schedules
  • Comprehensive multi-year Federal market and competitor data in your niche
  • Custom analysis of niche spend, acquisition methods, market, and set-asides
  • In-depth contract data analysis of up to three competitors

Who Should Participate?

The companies we help the most are committed to growing their Federal business: current government contractors – primes and subs – as well as firms established in the corporate arena but new to the Federal market.

Attendees are typically those responsible for sales, business development, and capture—including CEOs, CGOs, and all BD roles. The workshop is intended for up to 6 employees (please contact us for information on larger group workshops).

Why Choose this Workshop?

The Summit Insight Workshops stand out in 5 distinct ways:

  1. Analysis, training, and insight: from two nationally-renowned experts with over 35 years of experience in the Federal market
  2. Full team engagement: Live, private, hands-on experience customized for your company
  3. Proven value: for team members from Federal market novices to senior sales executives and company owners
  4. Emphasis on self-sufficiency: proven tools and techniques you can continue to use
  5. Skill-building for your whole team: training shows your team how to convert Federal contract data into actionable intelligence

What Past Clients Have to Say

Discover why they say, “The best investment our company ever made,” in over 60 testimonials from hundreds of workshop attendees. The workshop provides direction, clarity, insights, confidence, validation, and discovery. And it also dispels some common myths around set-asides, GSA Schedules, and more.

Here is what past clients have to say about their experience with the Summit Insight Marketing Strategy Workshop.

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