Get in front of your ideal Federal buyer and close more business faster!

The Federal Business Intensive is a live, private, consultation, training, and coaching program. 

Our Promise

We will help build a solid relationship pipeline into 3 Federal agencies, where you can win work.


60 Days to Success

Each week our consultants and TopGun coach will introduce you and your team to processes, tools, and techniques that will reveal opportunities that you can win. 

10x Guarantee

If you do the work on time and are not confident that you’re on track to earn at least 10x your program fee investment within 12 months, we’ll continue working with you until you are!

The Problem: Overcoming The Federal Database Mindset

The Way Most GovCons Use Data Could Actually Be Hurting Them. It’s people who make decisions, not databases.

Many GovCons put their faith, time and energy and money into contract opportunity databases and subscription services. With thousands of notices, many GovCons see so much opportunity, they look at the data and ask, “what can I bid?” But the real winners focus on the right question,”who’s my buyer?”

Here’s the thing:  You don’t do business with “the Federal government. When you win the contract a real individual Federal human signs that contract.  Each has their own needs, fears, and priorities not found in a database. If you’re not talking to them about those needs and priorities, they’re not going to hear a single thing you say.

When you use the database to find people (rather than contracts), your focus becomes more relationship-centric. When you transform your approach to be relationship-centric, you make it easy for your buyer to award the work to you.

The Solution: A Targeted Growth Implementation System

The Federal Business Intensive is not just a course or a training, it’s an implementation system.

You and your team will receive a live private training or coaching call each and every week. Each session, you’ll get your assignments for the week.

After your session, a recording is posted to your private password protected portal, along with the resources and instructions you’ll need to get things done. No need to remember it all, you can replay it again as needed, to feel confident about your next steps each week.


The Federal Business Intensive program includes:

  • Four comprehensive live strategy & training sessions private to your team
  • Four private live implementation sessions
  • 60 days total of on-call expert support
  • Video recordings of all your live sessions
  • Hands-on live interactive training for all of your individual participants from the convenience of their own workstation
  • Competitive analysis report
  • Comprehensive custom competitive research data
  • Custom Federal sales plan filled with hundreds of leads and links
  • Supplemental resources curated just for you
  • Full team access to supplemental on-demand training and toolkit
  • A live coaching session with a former Federal Contracting Officer

The Federal Business Intensive—Week by Week

Week 1: Become the Trusted Vendor

Week 1 : Create the mindset for success

The moment we engage, your whole team taps seven simple, powerful ways to build trust with folks long before they buy from you.  You are committed to take action to build trusted relationships with buyers to drive your Federal wins…so that when the time comes, you’ll be their first choice. You can start using this approach right away, to move people to the point where they don’t think twice; they just know you’re the one to call. 

Week 2: Play The Federal Sales Game To Win

You’ll beef up and buff up your ability to get inside the heads – and the offices – of the people who need you. You’ll know what to say, and do, and ask, to meet the players in all the layers in the Federal agencies where you want to do business. You’ll know what each one needs, and why.  After this session, you’ll be able to do the right things over and over, and will have a head start on the 80% of vendors who give up when someone doesn’t return their calls.

Week 3: Choose Your Focus

Next, we’ll deliver to you a complete picture of the buyers and sellers in your market niche. You’ll discover advantages that may be hiding in plain sight. You’ll make a confident choice of Federal agencies that represent your best prospects and the best ways they can reach you. And you’ll know which prime contractors and partners are your best teaming prospects. 

Week 4: Launch Your Federal Sales Action Plan

Your choice of target agencies lets us create and deliver to you a custom Federal sales action plan.  You and your team will get literally thousands of links and leads. You’ll have everything you need to pick out specific people who are making the decisions on services like yours, and start using the systematic method to develop the relationships you need that lead to the sales you want.

Weeks 5-8: Turn Conversations to Commitments

You’ll start using your plan to build trust and open doors like never before with your ideal prospects. You’ll move into the fast lane ahead of the competition and find yourself alongside people who need what you do, as you build business right in front of you every day!

Feeling wobbly about approaching real buyers?

No worries!  Your program includes a private coaching session with a former Federal contracting officer, to give you the practice, feedback and confidence you need when you’re in front of your ideal buyers!

I'm Judy!

For three decades, I’ve helped more than 6,000 people win hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal work, on everything from strategy to cash-in-the-bank to recompetes.

For most of that time, I had a dirty little secret. 

I could have told you almost anything about how the Federal government buys. Anything and everything about winning Federal business, except the one thing you most wanted to know:

How people actually won the contract.

About 25 years into my career, I landed the big one: a sustaining contract with guaranteed revenue for a whole year. 

The contract provided consulting services for 7 companies. Two months of targeting, training, and building their Federal sales plans followed by 10 months of coaching while they sold into the Federal government, using the proprietary process that we share with you today.

Six years, a hundred clients, and millions of dollars in wins later, this tried and tested process will win you a relationship pipeline into at least 3 Federal agencies where you are confident of a win.

Our Team - World Class Support and Experience

Your Federal business transformation will be guided by a powerful balance of support and experience.  You’ll receive live mentoring from me and 2 hand-picked coaches, including one who has:

  • Led a national sales team to $65 million+ in Federal sales
  • Created sales plans for over 300 companies
  • Trained over 10,000 people in Federal acquisition and sales
  • Trained the Federal government’s own contracting officers.

Invest in Federal Business Growth

4 steps to enroll in the Federal business Intensive 

  1. Download the full syllabus
  2. Set up a free 30 minute consultation with Judy
  3. Complete the paperwork
  4. Schedule your first live session

Program Investment = $17,997.

Payment options available.

Milestone Bonuses

At key milestones throughout the program, additional rapid results bonus packs are provided to you and your team, including:

Customizable Toolbox

    • Federal Email Wizard
    • The Federal Voicemail Game
    • Federal Email Blitz Planner
    • Breakthrough Idea Generator

Website Evaluation

  • The Ocean 5 GovCon Website Optimization Assessment

Set Aside Alert Trial Subscription

    • A free 3-month trial of Set-Aside Alert

PropLibrary Must Win Now Trial

    • 30-day free access to PropLibrary’s MUST WIN NOW and complimentary 45min private onboarding session

“TOPGUN” Private call prep coaching session with a former Federal contracting officer.

    • This earned bonus requires clients to have completed call research on at least one key Federal contact in advance of scheduling the appointment, and must take place before the end of week 8.

Exclusive Insider Resources: 

    • Special briefings, resources, and invitations only for our clients, like conference networking tactics and templates, special rates for on-site support at top Federal business events, and discounts on new programs.

Two Choices From On Demand Business-Building Program Vault

Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal: 

    • On-demand four hour training, plus all materials in softcopy, including an example of a proposal deconstruct. A losing proposal can take up to four people 30 days to write. That effort can cost your company up $64,000 in time and resources. 
    • This class will teach you when to walk away from that loser effort, and how to work toward building multi-million- dollar winning proposals starting from day one. These tools and steps dramatically improve your Federal win rate, cut costs and increase profitability. 
    • This class was designed for the proposal writer, manager, business owner, or sales executive who is responsible for putting together a proposal that will win the organization’s next Federal opportunity. You get the steps of organizing and managing a Federal proposal; best practices from large success stories and painful losses; lessons learned creating the strategy that won $65M in 18 months; the ability to more easily predict your chance of winning before you launch a proposal effort; class materials, tools and templates ready to go! And how to focus only on opportunities you can win.

Check Out Our Client Results!

$12M in 5 months

When Heather Lacroix, President of Chenega Technical Innovations, worked with us, she realized where her best opportunities were. 

Once her team put their focus there, she identified $25 million in high potential projects…and won $12M within 5 months of completing the Federal Business Intensive.

Heather Lacroix

President of Chenega Technical Innovations,

$15M in 12 months

Angela Mederos at Cleaners of America used data to get the focus right, and landed $15M in federal business in 12 months. 

Then the $18M win came in…

Then the $52M win…

Angela Mederos

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

10X in 2 Years

“Two years ago, we were only subcontracting. Now we’re a prime. Your steps helped us to focus.

“I used to say that every agency needs what we do … so we used to be all over the map.

You showed us why certain agencies like HUD and DOI were our top prospects, and now we’re doing business there.”

Elena Yearly

Risk Management

47% Federal sales increase in 12 months!

Jessica used our Federal Sales Action Plan to make consistent calls to the right prospects.

She gained over 100 new qualified leads,
50 new opportunities, and saw
a 47% Federal sales increase in 12 months!

Jessica Harding

Government Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re really interested, but need a few weeks before we’re ready to start. Will you be enrolling then?

We work with a limited number of companies and enrolment is on a first-come, first-served, basis. If you apply now, your application and deposit reserves your space, and you can begin when it’s right for you and your team.

Do you have a rate for teams?

Program fees include up to 10 members of your team!

Can I make payments as I go along?

We offer two payment options. Option 1: Three equal payments billed to a credit card, and Option 2: One single prepayment by check. Discounts apply for a single prepayment by check.


Getting in front of your Federal Buyer, at the right time, knowing just what to say.
Imagine being prepared to meet opportunity instead of chasing it.
Imagine being your Federal Buyer’s trusted choice.

You can be on your way in just 8 weeks.  Let’s get started!

Still have questions? Book a call with Judy!

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