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GSA Schedule Rescue Camp On Demand Webinar

The GSA Schedule Rescue Camp is designed to teach you the skills you need to avoid GSA Schedule issues and to get yourself out of those issues without spending a fortune if they happen despite your best efforts.

In this webcast, you will explore ways to avoid losing a GSA Schedule due to low sales, and what to do if you’ve been notified that your GSA Schedule is at risk of being cancelled.

Learn lesser-known aspects of GSA Schedules, and take part in a post-presentation Q&A with the opportunity to be coached LIVE during the session

What You Will Learn:

  • Why GSA might cancel your GSA Schedule
  • When you’re most at risk of losing your contract
  • What to do when you get The Letter
  • Three ways to drive GSA Schedule business
  • And an update on the latest change to the new MAS Schedule and how you can make it even easier for GSA Schedule buyers to find you when they need you. 
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