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2016 WOSB NAICS At-A-Glance

Did you accidentally lose your WOSB Certification on 3/3/16? Check at a glance!

On 3/3/16, SBA’s major revisions to the WOSB program changed hundreds of NAICS codes. Some were added, some changed between programs, and some were dropped entirely! How was your business affected? Use this handy comparison chart to see at a glance.
After you check, remember:

  • As of 4/18/16, WOSB and EDWOSB self-certification is still permitted, and still free of charge
  • The SBA Repository has been migrated to SBA-ONE.
  • To continue to particpate in the WOSB program, you need to go to this site, set up a new, free, account, and follow the instructions to migrate your documents and/or upload any new ones.

Click here to DOWNLOAD 2016 WOSB Comparison NAICS-at-a-Glance

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