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What Your Federal Contracting Officer Wants At Fiscal Year End On Demand Webinar

In this On-Demand webinar, you will explore what Federal buyers and contracting officers are thinking about as federal fiscal year-end approaches, and how to give it to them.

You know the feeling, as a Federal contractor: summer is racing by. You know that over 35% of federal contract dollars often get awarded between the Fourth of July and September 30th. And last year waaay too many of those dollars ended up in your competitors’ pockets. You want this year to be different, but how?

Help is here.

Learn what your Federal buyers want (including things they’re not telling you), and how to get through to them, a lot sooner than you ever imagined. You’ll discover how to uncover and avoid common missteps, and come away with the simple, powerful, steps you can take right now to smooth your path to the win.

Each step includes critical concepts that successful companies master as they connect and win work with federal buyers who need what they do.

These steps and tips come right from federal contracting officers who have been in the chair where your buyers are today…and are used by thousands of the most successful federal contractors in the country.

There’s plenty more you’ll need to learn…but this session will give you an understanding of what to do (and what not to do), when to begin, and where the easiest wins are at a critical time of year.

You’ll not only be ready for the big spending season in the federal arena… you’ll also be set up stronger than ever for the new fiscal year that’s about to begin.

Here Is What You Will Learn:

  • Trends And Factors in Play at Fiscal Year End
  • What’s Happening for Contracting Officers at Fiscal Year End?
  • What Are the Three Big Mistakes & How to Avoid Them?
  • How Can You Get Them to Return Your Call? 
  • What Do They Buy Easily at FYE?
  • When Does Certification Make a Difference?
  • What Can You Do to Drive More Business By Sept 30th?
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