Grow Fed Biz

The Players and Layers Methodology putting the Right people in the PALM of your hand

Listen in and get the Scoop

  • The Biggest Obstacle To Federal Wins
  • How To Remove That FOREVER
  • The Five Players and Layers You Need To Know
  • The Five Steps To Success
  • The ONE BIG Activation Secret

You’ll get next steps and resources you can use right away  including the 

GovCon Personas Guide


Five players, five layers, designed to put federal business in the PALM of your hand

These exclusive GovCon Webinars are designed to put resources in the hands of GovCons to close more Federal Business.  

Come and network with your Peers and discuss the latest GovCon HOT topics and ask your Federal Business questions.  

The Federal Business Intensive is not just a course or training, it’s a guided implementation system.

  •  Imagine getting in front of the right federal buyer, at just the right time, knowing the right things to say.
  •  Imagine being prepared to meet opportunity instead of chasing it.
  •  Imagine being your Federal Buyer’s trusted choice

Get on your way to that and much more in just 8 weeks by enrolling in our Federal Business Intensive program.
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