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Judy has updated, revised & refreshed her wildly popular Government Contracts Made Easier & we expect it to be released at the end of the year!

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Government Contracts Made Easier: The Original Guide

224 pages. List price $24.95
Want to grow your federal government business? Get the secrets you need to know, whether you’re hunting for your next government contract or your first one. Government Contracts Made Easier is loaded with resources that seasoned contractors take years to discover.

You’ll get:

  • Best Practices: How successful companies launch and grow government contract business.
  • Profiles in Success: Best practices from small and minority business owners, veterans, women and men. Challenges, missteps, and winning tactics.
  • Structured Approach: Seven proven steps you can start now.
  • Exercises: Field-tested tools to pinpoint prospects.
  • Industry Statistics: How much time and money it could take to win the first contract.
  • Checklists and Tips: Easy-to-use lists and practical ideas you can use right away.
  • Free and Low-Resources: Where to get expert help on a budget.

Start building tomorrow’s business today.

Government Contracts Made Easier: Strategy Workbook
64 pages.

List price $19.95
This action-packed companion to the original guide lets you work hands-on with all seven steps to craft your unique plan to reach your highest-potential government prospects faster and more cost-effectively. That means more profit, and more growth, for you in a tough, competitive market.
Created in response to popular demand and field-tested, you get:

  • Goal-setting guides: Define achievable objectives that will build momentum.
  • Transition to new business: Pick the easy path for market entry and development.
  • Capacity analysis: Find the projects where your performance will shine.
  • Pinpointing your sweet spot: Improve your profitability fast!
  • Market research worksheets: Use the most powerful free tools in the marketplace.
  • Bid/no-bid Matrix: Decision-making by the numbers.
  • Competitive positioning: Uncover clues to pre-RFP opportunities.
  • Unique value proposition: Make your company stand out.ness networks: Focus on key contacts who can help you win.
  • Marketing planning guide: Align your marketing with fiscal year end spending.

Strategy Planning Software

Delivered electronically.  List price $69.95
Your plans will change the moment you hit the street and start to market.
This softcopy edition of the classic Strategy Workbook in fillable PDF will help you keep up.
With over 330 expandable data fields, this powerful tool lets you use the market research worksheets over and over. You’ll love the bid/no-bid matrix page, with programming for automatic calculations and options to change decision factor weights!
Revise your strategy as you go along, collaborate easily with your team, and adapt your initial government market business plans to reflect lessons learned along the way.