Linked IN connection requests

Standard Operating Procedures for Linked IN connection requests

  1. Do they pass the criteria to be accepted? (use the guideline below)
    1. YES:
      1. Works for or owns an established company
      2. Offers products or services that the federal government would buy
      3. Has a profile photo
      4. more than 100 connections
      5. Association/EDO
      6. PTAC or SBDC
    2. NO:
      1. Someone with no profile photo and/or under 100 connections
      2. Students
      3. HR recruiters
      4. People offering financial services or staffing or other business support services
        AND whose profiles show no focus on the federal market
      5. Companies outside north America that have no focus on the federal market.
      6. Webinar participants who have an ISP domain (, Hotmail, yahoo, Comcast…) and no company; appear to be startups


    1. ASK JUDY:
      1. People who look like competitors – they offer government marketing services.
        Some might be “competimates” but others are not ones I want to connect with.


  1. If they pass the criteria, accept their connection request and send them the following message:

Great to connect with you on LinkedIn!

I’d love to invite you to join me each month for live and on-demand webinars to help you grow your federal business. I’d love to hear more about your journey into federal business. I’m looking for my 2019 webinar and podcast guests: thought leaders and people willing to share their stories and lessons learned. If that’s YOU, or someone you know, let’s talk. Whatever your question, just give me a call or schedule a chat at your convenience.

If I can’t help you, I can usually find a trusted partner who can.

Judy Bradt CEO, Summit Insight, LLC (703) 627-1074


  1. Add them to ZOHO (if they aren’t there) gathering all info possible from their profile and company website, into CONTACTS, referred by=LinkedIN, Contact Status=???we did not discuss this