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To Bid Or Not To Bid: The $65,000 Question

In Federal contracting, the decision to bid or not to bid can save (or cost) your company thousands of dollars. This webinar, “To Bid Or Not To Bid — That’s The $65,000 Question,” is for CEOs, CGOs, and business development and capture professionals who want to maximize contract wins, increase profits, and retain talented team members in the Federal market.

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Disrupt The Incumbent

Learn easy ways to spot incumbent weaknesses, effectively communicate your differentiators, and decide between teaming or competing directly. This webinar shows how to create opportunities in agencies where there are established incumbents. Discover key contacts, access pricing insights, and use smarter teaming strategies.

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Marketing Tools That Open Doors To Federal Wins

Discover strategies to create and use essential Federal marketing collateral and GovCon capture tactics to attract and engage the right prospects and support your contract wins, with our special guest Eileen Kent, the Federal Sales Guide.

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Use Your Commercial Experience to Master Federal Wins

Register & Watch the Replay You know the feeling, when you’ve been dropped off in what you’ve been told is an ocean of Federal opportunity and told to bring home a boatload of wins! It’s exciting…but scary if you’re not sure where to point the ship or how to find out where the treasure is.

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Top Set-Aside Traps And How To Avoid Them

Register & Watch the Replay Did you know leading with your set-asides can actually hurt your chances of winning?  Could your set-asides be hurting your company? Find out! You know the feeling: on the outside, you’re an award-winning CEO. On the inside, you’re afraid of what happens when you outgrow your set-aside and its advantages.

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