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Your Mission: Take Action with Proven Tactics and Tools so that in Four Weeks or Less You Can Get on Track to Win the Q4 Business YOU Deserve.

Start taking action right away to pick the people you need to be talking to now, and to know what to do, say, and ask, when you reach them.

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  • A PROVEN Q4 Sales & Marketing “Get ‘er Done” Program
  • Self-Paced instruction, plus live training & coaching 
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  • Community, with our exclusive members-only Facebook group for teaming and accountability
  • TOPGUN Call Prep Coaching (a Super Slam Bonus for Early Enrollment!)

What’s In The Box -- Sneak Preview Includes All This and More

Q4 Slam Action Guide

Step-by-step editable capture plan shows you who to call, what to do, and when to do it. You’ll be able to jump-start the right conversations you need to win the business.

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When The Right LeadGen Call Program Drives Wins LIVE 90 min small group and coaching incl Q&A.

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What’s Your Contracting Officer Thinking?

How To Give Your Contracting Officer What They Want In Q4. On-demand wisdom from former federal contracting officers.

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The Federal Voicemail Game

Make every Q4 call with confidence, using these mini-scripts and step-by-step follow-up plan.

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The Federal Email Wizard

Write emails they’ll read…in no time flat. Swipe copy for the players and layers you need to reach.

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The Daily Federal Sales Game

Win your week, every week, with this simple practical momentum system.

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Target Agency Conversation and Sales Call Development Workflow

Connect more often and make every call count with this first-time-right call research tool.

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How to Meet the Contracting Officer

Mythbusters 2020 Edition”
Contracting officers CAN talk to you! Here’s the rules on how and when.

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Ten Quick-Tip Podcasts

Make drive-time fly by and start your day energized with fresh inspiration and courage to connect with your federal humans.

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Intro Capability Briefing -- Six Simple Slides Template

Ace your intro meetings: learn more & get invited back, in just six hundred seconds.

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Capability Briefing Long Form Template

Kickass tech briefing tool: Long enough to cover the subject; short enough to be enticing.

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Q4 Idea Generator

Start your brainstorm with over fifty proven ideas to break through and get in front of the buyers you want to meet.

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Three-Hour LIVE Coach-a-thon:

Hotseat Half-Day with Judy Bradt
Put her powers to work for you: Apply for your turn in the hotseat, and stick around to learn from others.

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Graduation bonus: 2020 Federal Hotwash Kit

Federal Sales DIY Debrief Guide Document DIY debrief planner to capture 2020 lessons learned and launch federal FY21 strong.

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Mission Accomplished Bonus

Federal Email Blitz Planne, Guide, and private consulting. Reach the right person with the right message at the right time for a whole year, and save weeks of time and thousands of dollars.

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Achieve your ultimate federal business mission: A Life You Love. In A Business You Love. For A Country You Love.

Your Team Leads

Eileen Kent, The Federal Sales Sherpa

She’s done over 300 comprehensive Federal Competitive Analyses, over 70 of those for Summit Insight clients, and trained over 500 client team members, hands-on, in how to use FPDS. She is the top expert in how to combine the power of contract data with the human connection it takes to win, and get your whole team pulling together with the energy (and results) you’ve always dreamed of.

Judy Bradt, CEO, Summit Insight

Judy Bradt, Summit Insight’s founder, brings you over 30 years’ working with more than 7,000 clients across diverse industries who credit her expertise for wins worth in total over $300 million dollars. This dynamic speaker, author, and consultant has been recognized for client service excellence, business growth, and the success of entrepreneurs by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers across the country. 

Imagine what would happen for you if you had a buyer all lined up!

SUCCESS GUARANTEE: You'll pinpoint at least one new Federal buyer who needs what you do, and have something to say to them, or I'll work with you until you do, through September 30th, 2020

Don't take our word for it... see what past clients have to say!


Angela Mederos at Cleaners of America landed $15M in federal business in 12 months. Then the $18M win came in…


Tonya Clement, General Manager at CaseCracker, with secure video interview recording systems, won a $1M pilot with Department Of Justice. 


Jennifer Rhodes at Tagence turned a $10K contract into nearly $1M in DoD records management in just 6 weeks.

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