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You've got Challenges...

You feel overwhelmed

with leads and contacts and proposals and events. You know you can’t do it all, but you want to be sure you’ve focused on the ones you can really win

Your team is in multiple locations

and it’s too expensive to bring everyone together for training

You need over-the-top outstanding past performance

to win the upcoming bid, but don’t know how to get your clients to give you the testimonials buyers want to see

You’ve got the crazy long commute

and there’s nothing new on podcasts about federal contracting that will get you revved up for Q4

Your schedule is crazy

and you just don’t have the time for a training class

You know you have to send follow up emails

and you know you’ve got to customize them, and you just don’t have the time, and you’re agonizing between sending generic spam or sending the few you can manage but totally miss building dozens of opportunities because you don’t have the time to follow up

You want to consistently build

awareness and liking with federal contacts, but you’re too busy to design a complex email campaign and can’t afford to hire a marketing firm who “speaks federal” to do it for you

You’ve got to leave another voicemail

and you have no idea what to say or do next, and can’t bear the idea of being a pest but you know you have to keep trying and this all feels hopeless

Everybody talks

about relationships in the federal market, but you can’t talk to contracting officers because they can’t talk to you. Um, right?

You’ve spent serious money

and taken days of your team’s time for big name standard sales training that you can’t honestly say led to a win

This year was gonna be different

and you’re looking at your calendar between now and July, and you have no flipping idea when you’re going to find the time to do the Federal Q4 plan you swore to yourself last year that you’d have done by now.

You just don’t have time

to go hunting around for the agency forecast but you know you can’t show up for the meeting if you haven’t looked up the latest…and you don’t have a fancy expensive data subscription.

So, What’s In The Box? Your Q4 Planning Slam Gives You...

Solutions. Tools. And support to make it happen, so you can be unstoppable, no matter what.

Q4 Planning Slam Action Guide

Step-by-step editable capture plan shows you who to call, what to do, and when to do it. You'll be able to jump-start the right conversations you need to win the business.

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Small group coaching for your whole team

Get all the energy of awesome federal sales training without having to organize it.

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The Federal Email Wizard

Relax and save tons of time as you make custom follow-up emails effortless.

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"Meet the Contacting Officer - Mythbusters 2019 Edition"

Discover the actual rules that let you talk to federal buyers (and mistakes to avoid when you try).

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Ten Quick-Tip Podcasts

Make drive-time fly by and start your day energized with fresh inspiration and courage to connect with your federal humans.

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The Federal Voicemail Game

Make every Q4 call with confidence, using these mini-scripts and step-by-step follow-up plan.

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Four 90-minute LIVE Bonus calls

Put us on the hot seat to tackle your challenges LIVE, and experience the power of "side-door coaching" all the way through September 2019

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Q4 Idea Generator

Start your brainstorm with over fifty proven ideas to break through and get in front of the buyers you want to meet.

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"Get Great References on the Record"

Make it easy to showcase your best past performance and become their low-risk choice

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The Federal Email Blitz Planner

This easy tool lets you lay out a full year of federal email campaigns with a perfect theme each you can build momentum right into FY2020!

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Recordings of all sessions for replay!

Got a conflict? I hope you will (but only because you're in front of prospects)! I've got your back. Recordings are on your portal.

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Enterprise Pricing, Personal Logins

Your purchase includes the team members you specify. Each person gets a personal login to a private learning management system.

Get in on the Q4 Planning Slam Today!

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Getting Ahead of Q4 - Changes Everything.

Create Opportunities Right away!

Win new work by September 30th!

Achieve your ultimate federal business mission: grow your business by getting connected with that one federal buyer, & give them what they need to serve the country better.

Your Team Leads

Eileen Kent, The Federal Sales Sherpa

She’s done over 300 comprehensive Federal Competitive Analyses, over 70 of those for Summit Insight clients, and trained over 500 client team members, hands-on, in how to use FPDS. She is the top expert in how to combine the power of contract data with the human connection it takes to win, and get your whole team pulling together with the energy (and results) you’ve always dreamed of.

Judy Bradt, CEO, Summit Insight

Judy Bradt, Summit Insight’s founder, brings you over 30 years’ working with more than 7,000 clients across diverse industries who credit her expertise for wins worth in total over $300 million dollars. This dynamic speaker, author, and consultant has been recognized for client service excellence, business growth, and the success of entrepreneurs by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers across the country. 

Imagine what would happen for you if you had a buyer all lined up!

Let's Talk Numbers - Your Investment

There is no better or more cost effective time to invest in yourself & your business! 

You Can Get this $45000 Value Today For $697

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  • LIVE Training for your entire team ($2500 value)
  • The Federal Q4 Planning SLAM Action Guide ($3000 value)
  • Recordings ($1500 value)

Bonus Package Value

$ $34000
  • Great References ($10000 value)
  • The Federal Email Wizard - customizable Federal marketing "swipe" copy ($3500 value)
  • The Federal Email Blitz Planner ($10000 value)
  • The Federal Voicemail Game: mini-scripts and a step-by-step follow-up plan ($500 value)
  • “Meet the Contracting Officer – Mythbusters 2019 Edition” ($1000 value)
  • Ten quick tip Q4 podcasts ($500)
  • Q4 Idea Generator ($500 value)
  • 6 hours LIVE coaching ($8000)
  • Coaching Recordings ($4000)

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar

GUARANTEE: You'll pinpoint at least one new Federal buyer who needs what you do, and have something to say to them, or I'll work with you until you do, through September 15th, 2019

Don't take our word for it... see what past clients have to say!


Angela Mederos at Cleaners of America landed $15M in federal business in 12 months. Then the $18M win came in…


Tonya Clement, General Manager at CaseCracker, with secure video interview recording systems, won a $1M pilot with Department Of Justice. 


Jennifer Rhodes at Tagence turned a $10K contract into nearly $1M in DoD records management in just 6 weeks.

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Live Program Delivery – Not Recorded Training
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