Federal Business MasterClass


This small group laser coaching program will teach you how to: Pick, Prep For, And Meet Your Federal Buyer In The Next 8 Weeks. Whatever service or product your established business offers, even if you’ve never sold to the Federal government before.


Module 1: Your Buyers: Who They Are & What They Want

We’ll start with the Big Idea: Why “selling to government” never works, and what you need to do instead. You’ll learn who are the five people you need to meet in every federal office where you want to do business, what roles they play in the buying decision, and what each one wants (and how to give it to them), so you can have the right conversation with the right person at the right time, and make it easier with each conversation for them to help you.

Module 2: Lower The Risk For Them

This module gives you the single most powerful tool to dissolve federal buyers’ greatest fear: RISK. When you have your past performance close at hand, you have examples top of mind and at your fingertips when someone asks, “How do I know you can do this? Why are you the low-risk choice?” You’ll also learn how buyers draw from the past performance to make it easier to choose vendors they like, and how to encourage them to do that with you.

Module 3: Get Google-proof: Look Great Online

Ensure that your online presence supports and boosts that positive first impression you made, & moves your federal buyer toward action sooner. As the number of millennials in contracting officers’ positions grow, so does the importance of a strong online presence. The average millennial looks at vendor information online about 12 times before calling. And they’re often googling before they look at official federal buying portals. You’ll beef up and buff up the three most important places your federal buyer is likely to look for you – before or after the first time you reach out to them.

Module 4: How to Win Your Buyers Over

Now that you have a clear idea of who your buyers are and what they care about, what will you do, and say, and ask, differently the next time you’re in front of them? Let’s answer that question. Discover surprising reasons why they’ll want to connect with you. Then you’ll learn how to express all that goodness in ways that resonate with your buyers, motivate them to meet with you, and even give them reasons to make it easy to choose you. By the end of this module, you’ll have fresh ideas for multiple conversations with your prospects and clients. You’ll also put the finishing touches on your foundations for the next module – CONTACT!

Module 5: Contact!  Start the Conversation

This is the pinnacle moment: You’re going to take everything you’ve learned, and have a simple, extraordinary conversation with a federal buyer you want to meet… like you’ve never had before but always wanted. You’ll pick the person you want to talk to, know what you want to ask and do and say, and have a perfectly clear plan combining referrals, calls, and other contact strategies custom-designed to make “hello” happen…and open the door to a whole lot more.