Want to stop spending

anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 for data subscription services that show you what everybody else already knows?

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but don’t know what else to do? What if you had what it takes to find (and even create) opportunities made for you?

What if you could have

what you really need to win, literally at your fingertips? What if you could have mastery at hand in just an hour?

What if you had

what it takes to find (and even create) opportunities made for you?

You could learn how use FPDS like a pro, to discover which agencies buy what you sell and who the incumbents are, before you spend another dollar on another proposal you can’t win.

Your whole team could have a fast, powerful way, customized for your business, to get that contracting data in an easy-to-read format that gives you the answers you wanted.

The Federal Procurement Data Experience With Eileen Kent, The Federal Sales Sherpa

A done-for-you private service plus hands-on training for those who want concierge-style fast results.

With your custom-designed query tool plus a full hour of live private coaching, you’ll know how to tap federal competitive intelligence like a professional analyst…so you can uncover opportunities ahead of your competition and know who you’re up against in a bid effort.

You’ll have the tools and skills to pull fresh federal competitive intelligence, over and over, without paying for any kind of subscription service.

What's in the Box?

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The Power Tool: Done-For-You Customized FPDS Ad Hoc Query

You’ll get the personalized advanced custom query tool set up first-time-right, ready for you to use inside the Federal Procurement Data System, customized for you by Eileen Kent, the Federal Sales Sherpa. If you did this yourself, you’d have to plow through a 135-page manual and 20 minute video just to get started – if you knew where to find either one! This step alone saves you hours of time it’d take to do this yourself, and gives you a query tool that includes what you need and not what you don’t.

Federal Procurement Data Experience

Get it Today $997

Bring Data To Life: An Hour of Private Done-With-You Training

After she builds your custom query tool for ad hoc reports in FPDS, Eileen Kent will book a One-On-One, Full hour hands-on private training session with you and the team members you choose. You’ll learn how to use the tool to create and analyze contracting data like the professionals! This session is just for your company. It’s live, in real time. Eileen will show you how to begin the detective work of uncovering the stories in the data. You’ll know how to discover every federal buyer – individual humans and specific purchases, not just agencies and offices – who can and do buy products and services like yours. At last, you’ll have the details that winners use to lock up the business long before the competition begins.

Federal Procurement Data Experience

Get it Today $997

“Drill-Down” Detail: Your Buyer’s Inside Story

After your training, you’ll suddenly be able to isolate and see your federal buyer’s patterns of purchasing and competition that point the way to future work you could win, and help you find the people you need to meet, long before a new buying requirement hits the street. This tight focus can let you laser-in on business close to home, or next to where you’re already working, or in an agency where you already know people, but didn’t realize what they’re buying and from whom! How would you like to pinpoint individual buyers and start those pre-RFP conversations that open the door to “made-for-you” opportunities: By specific Department - In a certain Agency - In a specific contracting office - In the city and state you choose - With a particular buyer and end user - Months or even years before a re-competition

Federal Procurement Data Experience

Get it Today $997

And know the three things many other sources, including free ones, don’t tell you

Who Approved, Prepared or Modified the Contract.

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If you want your own AD HOC report created in FPDS and a one-hour one-on-one tele-seminar training on how to use it, complete with live session and audio recording, it’s here.

Audio Recording: Refresh Or Onboard New Team Members
You’ll also get an audio recording of your private session. That way, any team member who can’t attend live can still get the benefit of the training.
You can go back and refresh your skills any time. And it’s perfect for bringing a new team member up to speed!

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Your Instructor

Eileen Kent, The Federal Sales Sherpa

She’s done over 300 comprehensive Federal Competitive Analyses, over 60 of those for Summit Insight clients, And trained over 500 client team members, hands-on, in how to use FPDS. If anyone knows the value of the data inside FPDS and how to pull intelligence through the AD HOC Report, and how to bring a team up to speed fast, it’s Eileen Kent.

If you want…

  • Precise answers you need to focus on specific buyers, competitors, and opportunities
  • Pre-call intelligence on the vehicles, vendors and methods your specific prospect prefers
  • Skills That Really Stick: Intensive, hands-on, personal instruction with a top national trainer
  • Audio Recording of Your Session


And you’re ready to say goodbye to:

  • Federal Fear-of-Missing-Out
  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of subscriptions
  • Costly classroom days and travel
  • “Read-The-***ing-Manual” Instruction
  • Watch-The-Video Training
  • Death by Powerpoint


Then you’re ready for The Federal Procurement Data Experience. Right now.