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Client Success Stories

Angela Mederos at Cleaners of America landed $15M in federal business in 12 months. And then even more…


Tonya Clement, General Manager at CaseCracker, with secure video interview recording systems, Was About to Win A$1M pilot with Department Of Justice.


Jennifer Rhodes at Tagence turned a $10K contract into nearly $1M in DoD records management in just 6 weeks.

Why Persistence Alone (And It Never Did)

You’ve done everything “they” tell you. But your gut (and your bank account) tell you something’s missing.

You get swept up in wave of…

a feeling you can’t name… from every new govcon success story because you know you’re just as smart as they are…

So how come you...

haven’t figured out how to make that happen for you?

Empty-handed after...

dozens of small business events, classes and courses? Secretly ready to scream the next time someone tells you “Do your homework”?

The Two “Dirty Little Secrets” Buyers and Primes Don’t Want You To Know 

Dirty Secret #1

Your certifications and your GSA Schedule won’t you win a dime of business. Not by themselves.

Dirty Secret #2

Why Federal buyers always want your bid, but never your business. There’s something else they need before they want to meet you, like you and trust you.

How Bid-Bid-Bid Is Killing Your Business

The average small Federal contractor loses 3 out of 4 bids. Every win includes the cost of the ones you lost! If you keep bidding to “get our name out there,” how much time and money have you spent? What did it get you?

I’m Judy Bradt & I had a secret I wasn’t proud of. 

Come with me a journey into the heart of darkness of federal sales.

I promise I’ll bring you back safely.

But I warn you, you may never be the same again.

I’ve been an expert in federal business for 31 years. I’ve done everything from strategy to cash-in-the-bank to recompetes.

I’ve given hundreds of presentations and over 300 webinars. I’ve published a book. I’ve helped over 6,000 people win hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal work.

But my secret shame was this: I’d never done serious, big-time federal sales.

I landed a couple of small Federal contracts for my company, sure, but (I) had never written a giant proposal. I had never actually captured a multi-million-dollar win. For anybody.

So I felt like a fraud.

Now for 25 of those 31 years, I could tell you almost anything about how the federal government buys.

I could tell you anything and everything about winning federal business except the one thing you most wanted to know:

How people actually won federal business.
It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell you.

I honestly didn’t know.

Which didn’t really matter ‘til it really, really did.

How The Contract That Went Sideways Led To A Critical Insight That Changed Everything

In 2014, I won my biggest project ever! It was a full year contract. I’d give them the research, the strategy, the sales training, and the sales plans. The client would sell. I would coach them. Perfect!

It was all going great.
Til the day the client said, “when are you making the introductions?”

Making the “what?”

Whoops. It turns out I was on the hook for thousands of calls and dozens of Federal buyer leads every week for forty weeks.

Now I had three problems.

*First, I had basically no Federal sales experience. I was in deep, deep trouble.
*Second, I was terrified of failing the client who trusted me to get the job done.
*Third, my attitude was lousy. The project I loved had become humiliating.
I have a graduate degree. I’m a strategist. I don’t sell things.

Sulking didn’t help.

Office looking guy with a fun tie!

So, I opened my sales plan, pulled up my big girl socks,  and picked up the phone.

I needed to find the right person to talk to, and get to know them.

I was awkward. Oddly, 99% of the Federal employees who took my calls didn’t notice! I was nervous. They were kind. I was lost. They didn’t mind! I stumbled over my words. They were helpful!

I made thousands of calls and spent hundreds of hours. All of that turned an endless list of names into interesting people! Dr Ned of the Indian Health Service in Penobscot Maine told me about the curtains he was sewing on his Tuesday off. Army Warrant Officer Sarah at Fort Bragg was heading out to make a presentation at Fort Huachuca. Air Force Colonel Dr Linda just got promoted to the Postgraduate Dental College!

Ned and Sarah and Linda all had problems. And my client had solutions for them! And you know what? Before long, I was actually looking forward to my dialing-for-dollars days.

Then three things hit me.

First, I actually knew a lot about Federal sales
Second, I knew a lot about Federal buyers!

And, third, my sales plan saved me.

Why This Discovery Literally Changed Everything

What I thought was the heart of darkness was filled with hearts of gold.

Federal sales is all about making friends with people who need you.

That started with getting to know them before I called. Even when I felt awkward, my research let me ask thoughtful questions that opened doors.

Next, once I found the right person, I slowed down. I listened to their stories. Once they knew that I cared about them and what they were doing, something fabulous happened: They told me what they needed.

Then, my sales plan lit me up with thousands of small wins! Because I built a plan focused on my best prospects, every conversation, every new call booking, gave me a fresh dopamine hit. I was literally hooked…not so much on sales, but on human connection.

Federal humans start to like you once you're not constantly trying to sell them something

I was really amazed. Dozens of federal buyers said yes. They agreed to talk with my client about solutions that could help them.

I made the introductions and I met my goals.

All I had to do was show my genuine interest in the real live Federal human beings on the other end of the phone and listen to who they were and what was important to them.

My Dirty Little Secret Was actually The Key To Success.

The multi-million-dollar success you want? It’s built on dozens of conversations.

Contract winners talk about focus and homework, research and persistence.

And that’s all important.

But the wins you want take the magic of human curiosity, the power of human courage, and the spark of human connection. 

Because both you and your buyer have so much more at stake than just money.


"My Situation Is Different. Will This Work For Me?”

My big scary client project showed me the answers my clients had been looking for!

My next mission: To turn my hard-won lessons into easy steps you can take to the wins you want.

The surprises kept coming. When I started teaching the steps to my clients, they showed me that even one or two of those steps was worth millions.

Amanda Smith, at Outreach Process Partners, tapped just ONE of those techniques to boost her Federal revenue from $5 million to $60 million, slash proposal costs, and increase her win rate.

Deb Ash at Enviroworks used tactics we teach in this program to grow the company’s Federal revenue from $1.5 million to $8.5 million in just 12 short months.

Imagine what would happen for you if you had all ten.

That’s When I Knew I’d Solved A Big Problem


I now had the confirmation I needed that this approach to federal buyers, and motivating people to take action, would work for virtually every established business and every kind of professional service or product the Federal government needs.

There’s nothing more gratifying for me as a teacher than seeing our students succeed.

That is the feeling I want for YOU.

That’s when I made the commitment to build the program I’m bringing to you today.

Thousands of federal contractors struggle because they never connect with the buyers and partners who truly need your expertise.

Master the art of building relationships with federal buyers and you can leave those struggles behind.

Leave the heart of darkness. Come into the light.

Are you ready to get started?

The Idea That Changes Everything.


There’s no such thing as doing business with the ‘The Government.’ Winning federal business means doing business with people.

What’s so hard about that? Apparently, lots!

Thousands of federal contractors struggle because they never connect with the buyers and partners who truly need your expertise.

Master the art of building relationships with federal buyers and you can leave those struggles behind.

macro of lightbulb isolated on white

The Federal Business Masterclass

shows you how to get ahead of competitions and competitors. In just six weeks, you’ll be able to get in front of the federal buyers who need what you do, start to build their trust, and make it easy for them to choose you when they’re ready to buy. Are you getting this? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get on track, one-on-one, with Federal buyers who need what you do, so you can win the business you deserve and leave your competition behind.

Achieve your ultimate federal business mission: grow your business by giving federal buyers what they need to serve the country better.

What’s Inside The Federal Business Masterclass

Over six weeks, we’re going to do this thing together! Here we go…

Module 1: Your Buyers: Who They Are & What They Want

This will be waiting for you as soon as you join the Masterclass so you can jump in right away! We’ll start with the Big Idea: Why “selling to government” never works, and what you need to do instead. You’ll learn who are the five people you need to meet in every federal office where you want to do business, what roles they play in the buying decision, and what each one wants (and how to give it to them), so you can have the right conversation with the right person at the right time, and make it easier with each conversation for them to help you.

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Learn who your buyers are & what they want.
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Module 2: Lower The Risk For Them

Module 2 gives you the single most powerful tool to dissolve federal buyers’ greatest fear: RISK. When you have your past performance close at hand, you have examples top of mind and at your fingertips when someone asks, “How do I know you can do this? Why are you the low risk choice?” You’ll also learn how buyers draw from the past performance to make it easier to choose vendors they like, and how to encourage them to do that with you.

Get Federal Business MasterClass Today!

Lower the risk for your federal buyer.
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Module 3: Get Googleproof: Look Great Online

Ensure that your online presence supports and boosts that positive first impression you made, & moves your federal buyer toward action sooner. As the number of millennials in contracting officers’ positions grow, so does the importance of a strong online presence. The average millennial looks at a vendor information online about 12 times before calling. And they’re often googling before they look at official federal buying portals. You’ll beef up and buff up the three most important places your federal buyer is likely to look for you – before or after the first time you reach out to them.

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Get Googleproof!
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Module 4: How to Win Your Buyers Over

Now that you have a clear idea of who your buyers are and what they care about, what will you do, and say, and ask, differently the next time you’re in front of them? Let's answer that question. Discover surprising reasons why they’ll want to connect with you. Then you’ll learn how to express all that goodness in ways that resonate with your buyers, motivate them to meet with you, and even give them reasons to make it easy to choose you. By the end of this module, you’ll have fresh ideas for multiple conversations with your prospects and clients. You’ll also put the finishing touches on your foundations for Module 5 – CONTACT!

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Win those buyers over - without doubt
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Module 5: Contact!  Start the Conversation

This is the pinnacle moment: You’re going to take everything you’ve learned, and have a simple, extraordinary conversation with a federal buyer you want to meet… like you’ve never had before but always wanted. You’ll pick the person you want to talk to, know what you want to ask and do and say, and have a perfectly clear plan combining referrals, calls, and other contact strategies custom-designed to make “hello” happen…and open the door to a whole lot more.

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Start conversations with the buyers you want!
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Let's Talk Numbers - Your Investment

There is no better or more cost effective time to invest in yourself & your business! 

You Can Get this $67000 Value Today For $2497

See How It All Stacks Up


$ 23500
  • • 11 hours live small group instruction with Judy Bradt $23,500


$ 43500
  • 11 hours live small group laser coaching with Judy Bradt $23500
  • Webinar day bonus only Google-proof Me! 30-minute private review with expert Kris Brinker: $500
  • Federal Email Wizard: Nearly-magic tool to customize multiple short & sweet high-engagement touches $4,500
  • Federal Voicemail Game: high-engagement tactics to let your voicemails break through $500
  • Capabilites Briefing Template $500 
  • Building Blocks Of A Winning Proposal $5,000 
  • Mastermind Peer-Mentoring via Private Facebook Group -- Lifetime Access $8,000 
  • 30+30 minutes live Private Coaching with Former Federal Contracting Officer and Top Federal Sales Pro $1,000

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar

GUARANTEE: I guarantee that, within six weeks, if you do all the work and meet the deadlines, you’ll get a conversation with least one federal employee who can help you move toward your Federal business goal, or I’ll work with you until you do.

You Need To Act Fast. Here’s Why

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Many of the Bonuses are going away!
That’s thousands of dollars on the table for the taking.

Limited Time Offer.

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Limit of 20 participants

This is a group of Federal contractors committed to achievement, and to helping each other.


Live Program Delivery – Not Recorded Training
Because this is a first-time-out program, I’ll be delivering your core content live.

You will get all the energy and connection you’ve come to expect from Summit Insight webinars…and a whole lot more.


  • Extended Q&A with Judy
    I’ll stay on the line after the formal finish of your trainings to take your questions.


  • Small Group Coaching
    As you do the work, more ideas and challenges come up. That’s normal. And it’s part of how we make progress! Your program includes live coaching sessions on our Zoom platform, so you can get your questions answered, and you’ll learn about our special “Side Door Coaching” technique that gives you value from every session.
  • One On One Coaching To Prepare For Your Calls
    If you do the work, you get two private sessions with our program coaches to prepare for the calls you want. You can’t get this anywhere else. You’ll tap their personal experience and lessons learned on the front lines of Federal contracting as Contracting Officer, Acquisition Specialist, or as successful seller on projects totaling over $100 million.
  • Peer mentoring & networking
    You’ll get mastermind-style peer mentoring as well as more contact opportunities with our coaches in our exclusive, private, Facebook group.
  • Recordings of all your sessions
    So much value happens in these sessions that even people who attend live want to watch the replays. And…if you can’t attend live, I want to make sure you don’t miss a thing. You’ll have recordings of all the group training and coaching sessions.

For Everyone Who Buys Today!

If you buy NOW, before the end of this webinar, you will also get these bonuses for your ENTIRE TEAM:

Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal – FOUR HOURS of on demand training PLUS 90-page template – retail price $697 on; actual value of over $2,000.

Four Free Lessons In Easy Market Research – one hour on-demand class plus hands-on exercises – an exclusive bonus not for sale anywhere.

If you want…

  • Proven steps that take you to – and through – the door of your Federal buyers
  •   Powerful, simple ways to get pre-call intelligence on the people you want to meet
  •   Call plans that fit your style, your company, and your buyers
  •   Skills That Really Stick: Intensive, hands-on, personal instruction with top national trainers
  •   Audio Recordings of Your Session

And you’re ready to say goodbye to:

  • Generic sales training that doesn’t understand Federal
  • The One Big Thing That Prevents You From Reaching Your Buyer   
  • Thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of lost opportunities
  • The secret feeling of shame you get every time you hear one more govcon success story because you haven’t figured out how to make that happen for you

Then you’re ready for The Federal Business Masterclass.