Summit Insight's Federal Business Intensive

Private Consulting for Companies in the Federal Space Ready to Fast Track Their Federal Success
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Days to Federal Business Success w/ our Federal Business Intensive Private Consulting Program.

Your Live Fast Track to Federal Business Success with Judy Bradt and the Summit Insight Team

Discover how your best values drive your top prospects and define mission achievable, so that 60 days from now, you’re well on your way to the federal success you want.
This is a private consulting service developed for, and delivered exclusively with, you and your team. In five steps, accelerate your federal business through a powerful strategy done for you and with you. Your custom tools are based on your company’s unique strengths, delivered through an extraordinary, results-driven experience and exceptional support by experts.

Become the Trusted Vendor

The moment we engage, your whole team taps seven simple, powerful ways to build trust with folks long before they buy from you…so that when the time comes, you’ll be their first choice. You can start using this approach right away, to move people to the point where they don’t think twice; they just know you’re the one to call.

Play the Federal Sales Game to Win

You’ll beef up and buff up your ability to get inside the heads – and the offices – of the people who need you. You’ll know what to say, and do, and ask, to meet the players in all the layers in the federal agencies where you want to do business. You’ll know what each one needs, and why.  After this session, you’ll be able to do the right things over and over, and will have a head start on the 80% of vendors who give up when someone doesn’t return their calls.

Choose Your Focus

Next, we’ll deliver to you a complete picture of the buyers and sellers in your market niche. You’ll discover advantages that may be hiding in plain sight. You’ll make a confident choice of federal agencies that represent your best prospects and the best ways they can reach you. And you’ll know which prime contractors and partners are your best teaming prospects.

Launch Your Federal Sales Action Plan

Your choice of target agencies lets us create and deliver to you a custom federal sales action plan.  You and your team will get literally hundreds of links and leads. You’ll have everything you need to pick out specific people who are making the decisions on services like yours, and start using the systematic method to develop the relationships you need that lead to the sales you want.

Turn Conversations to Commitments

You’ll start using your plan to build trust and open doors like never before with your ideal prospects. You’ll move into the fast lane ahead of the competition and find yourself alongside people who need what you do, as you build business right in front of you every day!

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This is the fastest way to grow your federal business
fast track

Your Program Includes:

  • Three comprehensive live strategy & training sessions private to your team
  • Four private live implementation sessions
  • 60 days total of on-call expert support
  • Video recordings of all your live sessions
  • Hands-on live interactive training for all of your individual participants from the convenience of their own workstation
  • Competitive Analysis Report
  • Comprehensive Custom Competitive Research Data
  • Custom Federal Sales Plan filled with hundreds of leads
  • Supplemental resources selected for you
  • Full team access to supplemental on-demand training and toolkit
  • Peer Mentoring via private MasterMind Facebook group
  • Follow-on private community support, networking, resources, and connections