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Disrupt The Incumbent – Multiple Dates

Webinar Overview

This webinar shows how to create opportunities in agencies where there are established incumbents. Discover key contacts, access pricing insights, and use smarter teaming strategies with our special guest Eileen Kent, the Federal Sales Guide.

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CGOs, and business development and capture professionals actively engaged or seeking growth in the Federal government market. 

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What You Will Learn

  • What Questions You Need to Ask About the Incumbent
  • Who to Know at the Incumbent and How to Find Them
  • Where to Find Incumbents’ Pricing
  • How to Find their JVs and Teaming Partners
  • How to Get Federal Customers to Give You Feedback About the Incumbent
  • The Signs That Uncover What They’re Not Doing Right
  • How to Communicate Our Differentiators from the Incumbent’s Differentiators
  • The Decision: Should We Team, or Compete and Disrupt Their SubContractors

Webinar Details


Ready to challenge the status quo? Join our webinar, “Disrupt The Incumbent,” designed for CEOs, CGOs, and business development and capture professionals eager to carve their niche in the competitive Federal government market. Discover effective bid strategies and GovCon capture tactics to maximize contract wins and boost your GovCon success.

Uncover the secrets to capturing the attention of Federal buyers who are already doing business with other prime contractors, large and small. Gain insights into leveraging proven tactics to bridge the gap between your ideal client and their current vendor, positioning your company as the supplier of choice.

You’ll come away with proven strategies to navigate the complexities of competing with incumbents successfully. Learn essential Federal contract strategies and GovCon bid management techniques to outmaneuver competitors and win coveted government contracts.

Original broadcast date: 4.20.2023

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