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Debriefings: A Key Tool in Bid Protest Analysis and Business Development with Maria Panichelli On Demand Webinar

Debriefings are one of the most important tools in a federal contractor’s toolbox.  First and foremost, they are the primary way a contractor can find out – whether a contract awardee or an unsuccessful offeror – how to improve their future proposal efforts.  In addition, debriefings are a useful and often mandatory step in the bid protest process.  But many contractors have serious misconceptions regarding debriefings, when to use them, what information you do and do not get, and how debriefings can impact the bid protest process.  In this webinar, experienced government contracting attorney Maria Panichelli will clear up all those misconceptions and providing a basic primer on how to use debriefings to your advantage.

Here Is What You Will Learn:

  • Understand when to request a debriefing, and all of the reasons to do so
  • Identify when a debriefing is “required” and when it is not (and why that matters)
  • Learn the difference between a debriefing and a “brief explanation” (and why that matters)
  • Recognize what information you will and will not be given in both a pre-award and post-award debriefing context
  • Gather strategy tips on who should attend a debriefing, how to prepare questions, and when to engage an attorney
  • Learn how debriefings can impact bid protest filing deadlines
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