Linden Resources

Linden Resources is the largest single employer of people with disabilities in Arlington County, Virginia. The company provides secure document destruction, assembly, fulfillment, printing, mail services, and contact center services for commercial customers and the Federal government under the AbilityOne program.
Linden Resources wanted more federal business to provide more jobs for people with disabilities. Federal budget cuts threatened their traditional set-aside business base. They needed insight and skills to identify new federal opportunities and forge new partnerships for continued growth.
Summit Insight Solution:
Summit Insight designed and delivered a Strategy-in-a-Day session that helped Linden’s capture team understand the competitive culture of federal open competition, set priorities on their most profitable niches, identify high-potential prospects, and leverage over 30 years of experience to create compelling appeal to select major prime contractors.
In just six months, Linden Resources significantly improved their federal business development skills. The company’s capture team can now tailor presentations perfectly to position themselves for success. Stronger marketing communications and teaming tactics enable them to partner more effectively with other firms both larger and smaller than theirs.

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